With more than 20 flavors to choose from CaramelWorks uses pastry chef quality ingredients in ever small batch. Recipes have been carefully created by the founders of Yummyworks. We strive to make the best tasting caramel products that deliver both natural and superior flavors.


Freeze drying candies was experimental in 2019 and has quickly gained traction evolving into an exciting new business. Freezeworks objective is to bring to market all the great products that freeze drying offers, with the confidence that our products are safe and compliant with state health laws.


Cocoaworks is all about chocolate. Each of our artisan chocolates are individually crafted and packaged. With many different chocolates to choose from, our menu focuses on couture chocolate, fruit, ground nut butters and many other flavor combinations. Cocoaworks also sells a variety of seasonal box sets for the holidays.


Nutworks is yeah Nuts. But not your every day nut, our artisan nuts are uniquely flavored and roasted. Our menu provides a growing list of nut options, including favorites like habanero peanuts, coffee almonds and caramelized hazelnuts.