Spicy Hazelnut Mini

Our caramelized hazelnut is made from roasted hazelnuts covered with a caramelized sugar and seasoned with premium habanero then milled into a creamy nut butter. Then shelled in a dark chocolate.

Allergy warning: Nuts (Hazelnuts), Wheat

Size: 1.0"

*Designs will vary

Spicy Hazelnut Mini

  • Yummyworks recommends keeping your chocolates in a cool 62-68 degree space with low humidity for optimal conditions. Wine fridges and vegetable drawers are suitable for short term. When placing chocolates in the refrigerator, chocolates should be placed in a sealed tight container for best results. The shelf life of our chocolates are generally three weeks at time of delivery due to our fresh ingredients. All of our products are made in a facility that stores and uses nuts, eggs, wheat and other allergens.