Yummyworks started in Loudoun County VA in 2018. We are a producer of fine artisan chocolates and confections. It is our mission to produce the best custom made chocolates with our own unique mark. Our chocolates have a broad appeal to many segments of the retail marketplace. As our small business continues to grow we will soon offer online shopping. We are also a firm believer in purchasing locally and obtaining ingredients that can be found within Loudoun County VA. In addition, Yummyworks supports sustainably sourced Fair Trade certified chocolate.




Life sometimes brings us unexpected twists. And one of those twists was discovering our passion for making beautiful chocolates and starting our own business. Chocolate is such a wonderful medium, it can be a visually stunning piece of art and devoured at the same time. Based in Loudoun County, VA we produce small batch artisan chocolates and confections, customizing each set of chocolate with our own unique creative mark.