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    Artisan Chocolates

    Hand crafted and designed these one of a kind chocolates are irresistible.

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    Artisan Bars

    Hand crafted and custom filled make these chocolate bars taste as good as they look.

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    Artisan Teas

    Extraordinary teas from around the globe, our teas will comfort and ease your mind.

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    Artisan Caramels

    Made from scratch our caramels are slow cooked, full of flavor and wonderful texture.

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    Freeze Dried Fruit

    Our fruits are put thru a 24 hour freeze drying process leaving them with 98% of nutrients and exceptional taste. Eat them in smoothies, yogurt, cereal, baked goods, so many great uses.

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    Hot Cocoa

    We offer a large selection of cocoa powders, from deep dark chocolate to hot & spicy,  rich in flavor and sure to warm your heart.

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    Gourmet Cookies

    Made from scratch, our cookies are made from premium ingredients giving them fantastic texture, taste and flavor.

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    Classic Confections

    Our classic confections offers a step back in time with a menu of delectable sweets we cherish from our childhood.

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    Fruit & Veggie Powders

    Our Powders come from organic fruit & veggies, then freeze dried to retain 98% of nutrients, and made into powder.


    YUMMYBOX is our premier gift box. Perfect for all occasions simply choose from our various products and we ship them directly to your recipient.

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    Candied Nuts

    Our nuts are roasted and caramelized in a sugar syrup and flavored with vanilla & sea salt.

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    Gourmet Coffee

    What is equally as good as chocolate? Coffee! We stock a variety of the best tasting delicious coffees.

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